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Pregnancy and new mothers
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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 18:03
Bowen Therapy has a very important role to play in the health care of women both during and after pregnancy. The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) is integral for Mothers-To-Be as it is one of the only therapies that can be performed in its entirety with the patient sitting down or lying on their side.
As the centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, so do the stresses on the spine. Many problems suffered during pregnancy may be directly related to the health of the spine. Common pregnancy pains are easily and gently relieved almost immediately with Bowen Therapy and is very relaxing for the expectant mother.
Common pregnancy pains the mother may experience are:
Aching legs
Nausea / Dizziness
Decreased energy levels
“Bowen Therapy can treat all COMMON PREGNANCY pains”
The spine and pelvis of an expectant mother are particularly vulnerable because of the stress of carrying an unborn baby. Hormonal changes make the pelvis suppler during the latter part of pregnancy. This is when the terrible back aches seem to not only intensify, but also appear more frequently as the baby gets heavier. The instability of the pelvis can lead to other strains being felt in the spine and supporting muscles and ligaments.
“Pregnancy can create new problems but can also exacerbate existing ones.”
The process of childbirth puts tremendous stresses and strains on the musculoskeletal system. This includes the spine, pelvis, supporting muscles and ligaments.
As these structures are suppler for some time after birth due to the hormonal changes, there may be an increased susceptibility to injury.
The birth is one of the most traumatic processes a child will go through. The child is able to have bowen therapy within a day or so after birth. As it is so gentle, the child is barely aware of being treated.
Bowen Therapy can also help treat:
• Infant colic
• Blue babies
• Misalignments in the spine due to labour
• and has been great for hiccups
The wonderful thing about Bowen Therapy is that it can treat as young as a few days old to the elderly. It has no limitations on age. In fact, Bowen Therapy has proven to work wonderfully with Colic babies, it has helped treat Blue babies and it can help relax hyperactive children.
A successful birth for both mother and child will be more easily achieved when healthcare is established as an essential element during pregnancy, labour and after birth. Bowen Therapy can help maintain health and relaxation for both mother and baby.
Many expectant mothers have discovered Bowen Therapy during pregnancy and have continued it after the birth of their child; both mother and baby become Bowen clients
Most common conditions kids suffer these day which have been responded well to Bowen Therapy include:
Allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asthma, Bed-wetting, Cerebral Palsy, Chest infections, Clicky Hips, Colic, Constipation, Croup, Dyspraxia, Eczema, Glue-ear, Growing Pains, Headaches, Muscular-Skeletal Issues, Panic Attacks, Psoriasis, Sinusitis and Stress.
It may also aid posture, balance and coordination and the after effects of trauma e.g. difficult birth, accident, family breakdown, death of a loved one.
Benefits may include:
• healthier children with better concentration,
• improved sleeping patterns,
• enhanced motor control & behaviour,
• leading to quieter, happier children.
Some childhood ailments may require regular Bowen treatments.
A child's Bowen treatment is very gentle. Many report finding it a pleasant and relaxing experience. All treatments are carried out through light clothing, whilst the parent / guardian remains in the room.

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