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Digestive problems
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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 18:03

Anyone who wants to improve their digestive health, Poor diet, stress, Bowen Technique has a big impact on our ability to absorb nutrients from food effectively. We also become less capable of eliminating toxins and waste, and this bad for our long-term health. As Bowen therapy helps clear our lymphatic system and in doing so helps the body eliminate toxins and strengthen its immune system. Bowen is also clinically proven to improve hormonal and metabolic balance. By helping the body absorb nutrients, it reduces the body’s need to store fat reserves, so it is a very useful treatment for anyone looking to lose weight.

It does not matter how old the injury to the body is...The Bowen Technique will still help treat the problem.
Bowen therapy is especially helpful and is of great benefit to those who suffer from:

IBS: After suffering from migraines and irritable bowel symptoms for some time, and painful arthritic fingers for a few months, I had 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy. Even after the first session, I felt much more relaxed and my energy level increased. I have had only two migraines (I would have expected at least twice as many) and they have been less severe and shorter in duration. I have had some improvement in my IBS although it comes and goes. The finger pain has reduced considerably so that only one finger is affected now and that not all the time. A tight and painful left hamstring has also improved. I intend to continue with top-up treatments once a month as I feel Bowen has really helped me and to maintain body balance.

Acid Reflux: I visited Nisha Cooke about 4 years ago because I was troubled by persistent headaches. Within a couple of treatments the headaches disappeared and they have not returned. However I have continued to visit Nisha on a monthly basis ever since. I find Bowen treatment relaxing and I believe it contributes to my general well being. Also, in the last couple of years I have developed a problem with acid reflux which has not responded to drugs. Again I believe Bowen has helped with these symptoms and is enabling me to cope with the issues without needing to resort to surgery.

Here are few more problems which Bowen can help to ease the pain or can help also to get rid of it with more sessions or regular top ups!

• Bloating
• thyroid conditions
• hormonal imbalance
• weight issues
• kidney problems
• gall bladder disorder
• ileocecal valve issues
• crone’s disease
• diarrhoea
• Gastrointestinal complaints
• Constipation



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